Title Super Star Wars returns on PlayStation!
Date November 17, 2015
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Code Mystics is immensely proud to be a contributor to Sony’s exclusive Star Wars PS4 bundle. In addition to EA’s headlining Star Wars: Battlefront, the package features digital revivals of four exclusive Star Wars classics, including the triumphant return of Super Star Wars to gaming consoles.

Converted to the PS4 and Vita by Code Mystics under the direction of Sony Third Party Production and Disney Interactive Studios, Super Star Wars delivers a pixel-perfect recreation of the heart-thumping game play nostalgic fans remember, along with brand new features exclusive to the Sony platforms like cross-save (save your progress anywhere!), Leaderboards, all-new Trophies, and more! It's even available cross-buy, so get your copy... or, better yet, your very own Star Wars PS4 bundle today! It is your destiny!