Title Killer Instinct 2 Classic coming to Xbox One in September!
Date August 13, 2014
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We can finally let everyone know the big secret we've been sitting on! (...one of them anyway...) Yesterday at Gamescom, Microsoft Game Studios announced the return of Killer Instinct for Season 2's Ultra Edition, which will include Killer Instinct 2 Classic developed by Code Mystics.

Like last year's Killer Instinct Classic, KI2 Classic is a faithful recreation of the arcade experience. Built using Code Mystics' proprietary FOCAL Emulation Technology, KI2 Classic is a 100% authentic emulation of the 1996 arcade hit Killer Instinct 2. Not only does it include all the bonus content fans enjoyed from the first Killer Instinct Classic, but it also has the feature everybody's been demanding: online multiplayer! So, get ready! Your chance for world domination starts September 23rd!