Title Rare Replay: celebrating 30 years of iconic games!
Date August 4, 2015
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Code Mystics is proud to have been working in close partnership with Rare to help deliver many of Rare Replay’s historic classic titles spanning many decades and platforms alike.

Rare Replay for Xbox One features such iconic games from Battletoads in its NES and Arcade forms, R.C. Pro Am, and centrepiece Nintendo 64 titles such as Banjo-Kazooie, Blast Corps, Killer Instinct Gold, and many, many more. (And yes, you can finally play Battletoads NES co-op the way it was meant to be, free of the classic version's infamous bug...)

With seminal favourites, newly-minted challenges, rewind features, and a lovingly-crafted presentation unlike any other, this must-have package captures an era in reverent detail. Check out the trailer or visit the official site to learn more!