Title Samurai Shodown V Special: the ultimate NEO GEO experience now on PlayStation!
Date September 13, 2017
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For the first time outside its original release, play the last official release for NEO GEO... Samurai Shodown V Special! What's more, you get the original uncensored arcade experience in all its gory glory!*

Code Mystics is proud to be teaming up again with SNK to bring this latest revival to the PlayStation 4 and Vita from their classic fighting game library. As always, these titles are cross-buy/cross-play and feature online multiplayer, trophies, an unlockable bonus image gallery, original soundtracks, and more!

Get Samurai Shodown V Special today and relive the pinnacle of the NEO GEO experience! Visit the PlayStation.Blog for details and trailers.

*Note: In addition to the arcade version, Samurai Shodown V Special includes the Practice Mode that was exclusive to the censored home release. To enjoy the full uncensored experience, play in Normal Mode (i.e. local single-player arcade or two-player vs. play) or Online Multiplayer.