Title Deadbolt debuts on PlayStation 4 and Vita!
Date February 20, 2018
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Code Mystics has once again teamed up with Hopoo Games, developer of award-winning debut indie hit Risk of Rain, to bring their stealth-action follow-up, Deadbolt, to PlayStation 4 and Vita. In Deadbolt, you play as the Reaper, using a combination of arsenal and stealth to bring an undead criminal underbelly to justice, all the while trying to discover their nefarious plan.

With the support of Sony Third Party Production, Hopoo's addictive hard-core gaming experience is now available for cross-buy on your PS4 and Vita. And, with 10 cross-save game slots, you can seamlessly switch from PS4 to Vita to play the game on your console or on the go whenever and wherever you like!

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