Title Metal Slug 3 is now available for PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita!
Date March 24, 2015
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Metal Slug 3 is a much-cherished entry in the famous franchise, not to mention the run and gun genre as a whole. When it was time to bring this Neo Geo classic to a new generation of gamers, SNK Playmore and SCEA Third Party Production turned to the experts at Code Mystics.

Not only is every loving detail of the original reproduced using Code Mystics' emulation expertise, but the game also features cross-buy, cross-save and cross-play between the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PS TV, and PlayStation 3. That means you can buy it once and play it anywhere, even save your game on your console and pick it up where you left of while on-the-go with your Vita.

Available for digital download, Metal Slug 3 is a must have for fans of action games, platformers, classic gaming... basically everyone!