Title Dreamwalker remastered for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita!
Date December 19, 2018
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We've remastered Dreamwalker, our fun family-friendly action-puzzler and debut original title from 2011, to bring it to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation Vita! The newly updated Dreamwalker features an additional 10 exclusive new levels for a total of 50. And it's priced to be a great holiday stocking stuffer.

In Dreamwalker, you control the maze, shepherding Walker safely to his goal while counting sheep and avoiding sleep-disturbing hazards. Enjoy hours of evolving challenges that introduce fresh puzzle features like disappearing rainclouds, disorienting spinners, teleporters and more!

Find more details at the official site, check out the trailer or visit the Nintendo Switch eShop or Vita Stores to download Dreamwalker now.