Title Code Mystics' Hallowe'en Graveyard
Date October 23, 2014
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In honour of Hallowe'en, Code Mystics introduces "The Graveyard". As an indie developer that specialises in technology, we're always eager to bring our favourite games to new venues. We'll choose games to develop ourselves "on spec" to prove our technology and in hopes of getting publishers excited about these platforms. Sometimes, these efforts bear fruit: Konami and Atari Virtual Arcades on PS Home and Vita Home Arcade Player, Hidden Expedition: Amazon for the Kindle, or Dragon's Lair on the Nintendo DS, and so on.

But there have been more than a dozen titles – some nearly-complete – that you never knew existed. While we can't talk about games we were hired to do that ended up never being announced, we can talk about games we prototyped on our own initiative. So, over the next couple weeks, we'll be revealing some of these exclusive prototypes in our Graveyard section. Have a look now, and then follow our Twitter or Facebook feeds where we'll be announcing new additions!

Enter the Graveyard...