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Title Patchworkz
Released December 2012 (Android, Nook)
June 2013 (Mac)
Publisher Big Fish Games
Platforms Android
Genre Puzzle
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Big Fish's popular and addictive puzzle game, Patchworkz, is now available for Android! Patchworkz is packed with tonnes of game play, guaranteed to keep you captivated for hours:

  • 6 themed puzzle packs – Glass, Metal, Stone, Paper, Wood, and Fabric – each containing 24 puzzles.
  • Complete all the themed packs and unlock the Bonus Pack!
  • Get another free full bonus pack just by subscribing to Big Fish's Android Splash newsletter.
  • 8 secret puzzles unlocked through secret achievements...
  • ...that's 200 puzzles in all!
  • Three modes of play: casual (untimed), challenge (timed) and Fever Mode (score based on speed and accuracy).
  • All Glass, Android Splash Bonus Pack and some secret puzzles can be unlocked for free, 25% of the game overall!
  • Choose between left-handed and right-handed play.
  • High scores and 25 separate achievements to track!
  • Share your scores and achievements in the Amazon version using GameCircle!

Additionally, Code Mystics has updated Big Fish's Patchworkz for the Mac, now available in the Mac App Store, to support Game Center and current versions of OSX.

Patchworkz is fun for all ages, and a great casual game play experience whether you have a spare minute or want to while away the hours.

Download for Android from Google Play,
Amazon App Store or the NOOK Store,
or for Mac from the
Mac App Store.

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