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Title Star Wars
Released October 2019
Publisher Tastemakers
Platforms Arcade1Up
Genre Arcade
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Tastemakers has made a name for itself with its Arcade1Up line of fully-licensed scale replica arcade games. When it came time for Tastemakers to build the holy grail of Golden Era arcade gaming, Star Wars, the team of life-long fans here at Code Mystics were ecstatic to be chosen by Tastemakers for the job of recreating the software.

This replica arcade cabinet features all three Atari Star Wars arcade games: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi in all their glory! Code Mystics' effort also includes many features appearing in the Arcade1Up line for the first time, such as giving you user-adjustable game options that were originally available to arcade operators, special filters designed to capture the feel of vector arcade monitors on modern hardware via glow and dispersion effects, a scanline filter to recreate the raster look of Return of the Jedi's arcade monitor, a new software volume control, and more!

The games themselves were replicated with loving detail using Code Mystics' tried and true FOCAL Emulation Technology, but it didn't stop there. The team pored over original game schematics, studying every circuit, from the "vector defocus" effects, to the overdrive glow effects, to Return of the Jedi's stereo reverb delay circuits. What's more, thanks to an original arcade cabinet acquired by Tastemakers, Code Mystics and the Tastemakers team were able to study and video every detail, to test and confirm our accuracy.

Of course, the experience would not be complete without Tastemaker's craftsmanship: the "flight yoke" of the original arcade game is reproduced with precision once that control is in your grip, we are certain the memories will come flooding back! The cabinet features a great deal of care and polish, too, from the accurate cabinet art, to the light up marquee, and, of course, stereo speakers. A removable, custom riser rounds out the package, giving you the option of a full-height experience with a manageable footprint.

The result is an incomparable must-have Star Wars retro experience, not found anywhere else (unless you're lucky enough to own one of the few surviving original machines ;) ).

Visit the Arcade1Up Star Wars page to learn more...

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