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Title Samurai Shodown V Special
Released September 2017 (PS4/Vita)
June 2019 (Steam/GOG)
Publisher SNK
Platforms PlayStation 4
PlayStation Vita
PlayStation TV
Windows (Steam)
Windows (GOG)
Genre Fighting
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Code Mystics continues our ongoing collaboration with SNK to bring the ultimate and last official NEO GEO release to your console and PC in all its gory glory! For the first time outside the arcade, play this fan-favourite in its original uncensored arcade form on the PS4, Vita, and Windows (via Steam or GOG).

Samurai Shodown V Special features:

  • Global online multiplayer - challenge enthusiasts across the world!
  • Highly customisable networking options, featuring Code Mystics' state-of-the-art netcode for the best lag-free online fighting experience! (This feature is available at launch on Steam and GOG, and in the June 2019 1.02 patch for PS4 and Vita.)
  • Cross-play between PS4 and Vita.
  • A rich, unlockable gallery including original art!
  • In addition to the arcade version, hone your skills in the Practice Mode, a feature exclusive to the censored home release that has also been included.

Experience Samurai Shodown V Special the way it was meant to be played!

Visit the official PS4, Vita, Steam or GOG stores and #EmbraceDeath today!

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