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Title Fix-It Felix Jr.
Released July 2012 (Arcade)
Oct 2019 (Home)
Publisher Disney Animation Studios (2012)
AtGames (2019)
Platforms Arcade Cabinet
Genre Action
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Fix-It Felix, Jr., the classic '80s arcade game from fictional manufacturer TobiKomi was the centre of the story of Wreck-It Ralph, the immensely-popular Oscar-nominated feature from Disney. And Disney spared no expense in celebrating the classic arcade genre!

As part of the promotional campaign, a "found" Fix-It Felix, Jr. cabinet debuted at E3 Expo in 2012, with web versions of the movie-inspired classic game play appearing online. Not content to stop there, however, Disney commissioned the retrogaming experts at Code Mystics to take it to a whole new level by creating an all-new, fully authentic replica of '80s-era gaming.

While staying true to the game design in the movie's work-in-progress reference footage, Code Mystics created a 100% authentic '80s gaming experience from the ground up. No art, sound, or code detail was left unconsidered, down to staying true to technical details like '80s palette fidelity, tile alignment, and sound chip capabilities. (Trivia: the capabilities of the software in our Fix It Felix Jr. arcade cabinet were modelled after the Midway MCR hardware that brought you the likes of Spy Hunter and Tapper, albeit with features that would require a little more memory than those machines typically had.)

Only a handful of cabinets were ever manufactured, the first turning up at an arcade near San Diego Comic Con, and subsequently at Disney theme park and cruise ship locations. The buzz surrounding the cabinets was immense! It even won a CLIO Key Art Award for outstanding promotional campaign. When one lucky fan obtained one of these limited cabinets in a Disney raffle, it was auctioned on eBay for no less than $20,000!

The arcade Fix-It Felix, Jr. has become a legend in its own right, worthy of its '80s inspirations!

Update! Now you can play Fix-It Felix, Jr. in your own home! In October 2019, AtGames released their 350-in-1 Legends Ultimate home arcade cabinet, to which, with Disney's permission, we contributed our rendition of Fix-It Felix, Jr.

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