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Title Killer Instinct Classic
Released November 2013
Publisher Microsoft Studios
Platforms Xbox One
Genre Fighting
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Killer Instinct Classic is the real deal! This true-classic arcade game make a triumphant return to your console as an exclusive download in the Killer Instinct Ultra and Ultimate Editions, only for Xbox One. It's the perfect companion to Double Helix's Killer Instinct update.

Features include:

  • NEW! in December 2014 title update... Online Multiplayer: compete casually against friends or in online matches, or compete competitively for world domination!
  • Fully authentic: Uses FOCAL Emulation Technology to create pixel- and timing-perfect 60 FPS recreation of the arcade game, just as it was meant to be. Fight Spinal, Fulgore, and Eyedol and discover the mysteries behind Ultratech's shadowy tournament. Every Finishing Move and every Humiliation are at your command in all their authentic glory.
  • Two versions of the game: Play the Final Version 1.5D release of the game, or the popular "Classic" Version 1.4. Version 1.4 included some fan-favourite glitches including unblockable moves, mini-Eyedol and more
  • Training mode: Play vs. the CPU with a character and opponent of your choice and hone your skills with infinite rounds, no time limit, and an exclusive "rewind" feature. Simply hold the View button to rewind through the last few seconds of combat as many times as you want to perfect your attack.
  • Operator settings: All the options available to arcade owners are now at your finger tips. Adjust Difficulty, Finishing Moves, filters like Blood Colour, thearcade-authentic Parental Advisories, and even access the arcade operator's Test Mode for a behind the scenes look.
  • Graphics filters: View the game blown up to HD in crisp 1080p resolution, or choose between smooth enlargement or the nostalgic Raster and CRT filters to give your gaming experience that extra retro feel. Authentic cabinet art even frames the game play on your widescreen TV. (Note: the static cabinet art may be disabled for Plasma and other TVs susceptible to burn in.)
  • Unlockable extras: Defeat Eyedol and unlock the ability to watch every cutscene at your leisure (including several Easter eggs not seen in normal play!), or browse the entire animation catalogue of each character's combat moves.
  • Achievements: There are over 30 unique and fun achievements just waiting for you to conquer them.
  • FightStick support: For the unparalleled arcade experience, play Killer Instinct Classic with Mad Katz's Killer Instinct Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2.
  • Custom Screenshots: Capture your favourite moments to your personal photo album under your profile.
  • Xbox One social features: See what your friends are doing and how you measure up, record those magic moments of triumph to share.
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