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Title Lost Treasures of Infocom
Released December 2012
Publisher Activision
Platforms Apple iOS
Genre Text Adventures
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Lost Treasures of Infocom is the definitive compilation of 27 incomparable Infocom text adventures. From A Mind Forever Voyaging to Zork, Infocom created a beloved and unequalled brain-teasing genre.

Infocom's immersive text adventures put you into the story. As your turn-based adventure unfolds, take action by issuing plain English commands to explore, solve puzzles, engage in conversation with game characters, etc.

Lost Treasures of Infocom includes:

  • Zork I: The Underground Empire, complete with InvisiClues and maps for free with download!
  • Adventure Collection: Border Zone, Cutthroats, Hollywood Hijinx, Infidel, and Seastalker.
  • Fantasy Collection I: Zork II, Zork III, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Plundered Hearts, and Wishbringer.
  • Fantasy Collection II: Enchanter, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker, The Lurking Horror, and Trinity.
  • Mystery Collection: Ballyhoo, Deadline, Moonmist, Suspect, and The Witness.
  • Sci-Fi Collection: A Mind Forever Voyaging, Planetfall, Stationfall, Starcross, and Suspended: A Cryogenic Nightmare.
  • Bonus Zork: The Undiscovered Underground when you get the complete collection.

Not only does the collection include all 27 adventures (including the original Zork for free!), it also includes:

  • "Feelies": Each game's "Feelies" are reproduced in digital form. Feelies are physical pack-in items to complement the story. They can range from mere props to items that contain essential clues to the game's solution. 2D and 3D Feelies are included, including manuals, booklets, boxes, trinkets, etc. Zoom in and examine every detail.
  • InvisiClues: stuck in a game? We've included electronic replicas of these booklets, full of hints for the games' puzzles and challenges. Like the original InvisiClues, answers are hidden. Reveal only the answers you need and avoid unwanted spoilers (and foilers!).
  • Maps: for most games, add-on maps are available to help the lost and reveal secret passages. If you are stuck, consult the maps to find your way.
  • History of Infocom: for an informative nostalgia trip to the heyday of text adventuring supremecy, read about the origin, growth and journey of the Infocom legacy.

Code Mystics has also added an abundance of features to Lost Treasures of Infocom to get the most out of game play on your iPhone, iPod or iPad:

  • Constant auto-save. Never lose your place in a game. 10 manual save slots are also available in each game so that you may restore your progress when faced with a lethal challenge.
  • One-touch navigation. Move with a single tap of the compass UI. No need to use the virtual keyboard to move.
  • Auto-complete to speed up the entry of words you've encountered in the story or have used before. (Auto-complete won't give you spoilers for words you've yet to encounter.)
  • User-definable shortcut buttons that allow you to type entire words with a single press.
  • Copy words from the story text directly into the command line with a single touch.
  • Use the virtual keyboard's dictation function on newer devices to speak your commands.
  • Both portrait and landscape are supported, giving you flexibility in your presentation whether you're on the go or relaxing.
  • Scroll back through your game history.
  • New undo feature added to all games, to undo the last step in case of error.
  • Customisable text. Choose the text size and colour scheme that appeals to you.
  • Online leaderboards and achievements via Game Center.
  • Native support for iPhone 5 to maximise your playable screen space.

Whether you're a life-long fan or new to text adventuring, Lost Treasures of Infocom is a unique and loving tribute to the genre that is not to be missed!

Download the iOS App here for free!

Have a Bluetooth Keyboard? Just tap the screen to activate the keyboard input for a genuinely retro text adventuring experience.

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