Is there a bug list for Atari Flashback Classics (Nintendo Switch)

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Is there a bug list for Atari Flashback Classics (Nintendo Switch)

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I purchased a Switch lite model HDH-001 running system 8.1.1 to used as a disconnected device (offline use only without a wifi connection). Purchased a physical copy of the Atari Flashback Classics cartridge, V1.0.0 I believe. There are issues with some of the Atari 2600 games. Is there a list of items being kept that I can cross reference? There are a few, for instance Aquaventure has (apparent) trouble with colours and the missiles aren't visible. Motorodeo's graphics just don't look right, Desert Falcon has problems playing the title music and missiles are invisible, as are some of the enemies. Just park on the ground and you be killed by something you can't see. There may be others, but I want to know if one major fix has addressed this.

If yes, is there any way to get physical copies updated?


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Re: Is there a bug list for Atari Flashback Classics (Nintendo Switch)

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Nintendo does not permit images to flicker at 30Hz when using the Switch's LCD. Unfortunately, that's exactly how many Atari 2600 games operate. To address this, code was implemented that suppressed the Atari 2600's flicker by attempting to selectively blend successive frames when using the LCD. (This filter can be disabled when in TV Mode.) The original version of this filter was found to render some objects in some games effectively invisible on the LCD screen, as you note, and it was recommended that TV Mode be used to play the Atari 2600 games.

About a year after Atari Flashback Classics was created, the Nintendo Switch Lite product debuted, which no longer offered the option of playing in TV Mode.

We did issue a 1.0.1 patch improved the contrast in the afflicted Atari 2600 games (e.g. Motorodeo). An audio issue (reported in 3D Tic Tac Toe, though this may also be applicable to what you note in Desert Falcon) was also addressed at that time.

However Atari never produced any updated runs of the physical cartridge. The only way to acquire version 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 is by digital patch. Digital patches can be applied to games purchased on physical cartridges, but you will have to bring the device online to acquire them.

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