SSVS - Please allow for macros to be assigned to the right thumbstick (Vita)

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SSVS - Please allow for macros to be assigned to the right thumbstick (Vita)

Post by Jotamide » Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:50 am

Hello Code Mystics, big fan of your SamSho 5sp port. I got the Vita version on release and now the Steam version. The rollback patch has been nothing but a blessing to the SamSho community, so first of all thanks for that!

Now for the wishlist part: I'd be awesome to be able to assign more macros to the right thumbstick on the Vita version. When I'm playing on my stick I usually use this layout:


The Vita however, only has two bumpers so depending on which character I play I have to constantly rebind ABC or BCD. Some characters benefit more from Rage or State of Nothingness and activating those macros (ABC/BCD) is very inconsistent with the Vita's face buttons being placed so far apart. BC is a macro I don't use on stick but on Vita I'm forced to always have it handy since Triangle and X are a mile apart from each other.

Some Vita fighting games like UNIST or GGXXACPR allow for the use of the rear touchscreen and the right thumbstick directions for extra macros. I'm attaching some images showing them in the control settings menu for those games. Even adding only the horizontal or vertical RS motions would be a game changer for the Vita port. Thank in advance for reading!
UNIST RS macros
2019-06-21-215426.jpg (79.84 KiB) Viewed 325 times
2019-06-21-215553.jpg (115.26 KiB) Viewed 325 times

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