KoF 2002 & 98 UM changes on GOG

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KoF 2002 & 98 UM changes on GOG

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Hi there!

I've noticed that the GOG releases of KoF 2002 UM and 98 UM are able to render the games in higher resolutions (3840x2160 in my case) than the Steam versions, which seem to scale at least the fonts up from a lower resolution than UHD.
Now I'm wondering if any other changes have been made to the game and if there is a possibility for crossplay between GOG and Steam?
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Re: KoF 2002 & 98 UM changes on GOG

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We supplied the Steam code base, but the GoG conversion was done internally by the GoG team.

That said, the resolutions available to the Steam version in full screen should correspond to whatever your DX9 drivers are capable of. For windowed mode, though higher resolutions may not be listed explicitly, you can drag the window to larger dimensions.
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