Adding Movelist to Screen Borders (SNK Fighters)

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Adding Movelist to Screen Borders (SNK Fighters)

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Hi Team,

I've seen a trailer of another fighting game The Rumble Fish Plus that has character move-lists displayed on the screen borders. Experiments with the KoF98/02 files, I've found that:
  • Editing the "strings.txt" file in [Data] changes the values of the Command List
  • Editing the bg2.png in [Data->game] changes the border art (keeping the dimensions leaves the image split)
  • The QQ version has the command list (only for a single player).
Is there a possibility that you could retrofit the feature into the SNK fighters you've developed? If not, could you give us a general idea of how the community might implement this service?

Keep up the great work as always 8-)
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