Last Blade 2 Controller issue GOG version

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Last Blade 2 Controller issue GOG version

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Hi all,

Hyped this game exists!!
So to get straight to the point: I'm using a Razer Raion Ps4/PC version. Works with other fighting games on steam and gog. It comes up as XINPUT CONTROLLER #1 in the control options menu.

The issue:
The B ( or O on the controller and aka Button 3) button I've assigned to kick, but it's opening the start menu. The R2 button (Button 8 and RT) also opens the start menu. I have Button 10 (Options AKA Start) set to start in the settings. Additionally B button doesn't go back.

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Last Blade 2 Controller issue GOG version

Post by CodeMystics »

Is the game claiming there's a Player 2 Controller? Some controllers can show as two controllers (XInput and DirectInput) at the same time.
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