Missing 5 Recent Achievements: 007 Goldeneye

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Missing 5 Recent Achievements: 007 Goldeneye

Post by Bryan7474 »

Hey Team,

I’m sure you’re working hard on one of your many projects, big fan of many of your ports from KF to Goldeneye!

I’ve been attempting to 100% Goldeneye achievements but it seems the recent 6 I’ve accomplished haven’t popped on my Xbox.

Can promise it’s not an issue with the Xbox itself since I did try logging into another Xbox and accomplishing one of the achievements again.

The achievements I’m missing are

Samedi Fight Fever!
Bond… James Bond
Full Arsenal! (Got under target twice AND have the cheat)
One Shot, Just One
Who’s Counting?
World Tour

My gamertag is Bryan7474- I’m not sure if this helps you guys or me in this situation, but the game seems to have stopped tracking stats such as “Multiplayer Kills” as well.

I’ve attempted rebooting many times, reaccomplished the requirements for Full Arsenal! And I’ve even tried on a different console.

I’m hoping you guys can help me, I just wanna 100% your awesome port! :)
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Re: Missing 5 Recent Achievements: 007 Goldeneye

Post by CodeMystics »

Hi, it is our understanding from other users that there may be an issue with earning achievements, after a time, which is remedied by relaunching the game and trying again.
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