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Trophy not popping Atari Flashback Classics 3

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2023 2:23 pm
by Solaire
Hey, i cannot get the trophy for "Triple Ace" to pop on Atari Flashback Classics 3.

I have done the requirements 3 times.

I have landed with 65 or more Kills before my first refuel, taken off with 65 ammo and health then achieved 90 kills overall.

I have done it twice on PS5, and once only on Ps4 with fresh save files and fresh installs.

The trophy has been achieved several times, but not recently. I have messaged 2 achievers and they said it was not a problem making me wonder what has changed. Screen shots show it popped at 90 kills, but it has stopped working.

Has there been a recent patch that could have made it not work. What are the dates of the different patchs?

Can i send a save file for you to inspect? Before and after refueling with 65 kills and after achieveing 90 kills to see if some internal counter is not working


Re: Trophy not popping Atari Flashback Classics 3

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2023 3:44 pm
by CodeMystics

There have been no patches issued for Atari Flashback Classics 3 since Feb 2019. The achievement has been earned since then, so it is not an issue with the patches.

Unfortunately, there is also no information in your save file that would be relevant to the achievement.

What scores did you achieve, specifically, in each attempt?

Re: Trophy not popping Atari Flashback Classics 3

Posted: Sun Jan 22, 2023 5:17 pm
by Solaire
Thanks for the reply. Indeed not a patch issue. Really odd.

I have taken it to 65,65 and 66 kills, then landed, then taken off again, and had a range of total scores from 90-104. I can t think of anything i could be doing wrong, i was in low gas during all landings, but it landed and refuelled to 65 or 66 ammo each time.

I also just checked, and other trophies in other games appear to be popping. I did download this game to another ps4 yesterday, which i just got, and there was a licence check before i could play. I tried to do trophy on that ps4 as well.

Re: Trophy not popping Atari Flashback Classics 3

Posted: Mon Jan 23, 2023 3:42 pm
by Solaire
Made a couple videos, showing what i m doing. Looking at another achievers screenshot, the trophy should pop as soon as 90 kills is reached. His stats in the screenshot are Altitude 16, Hits 90, Ammo 4

I cleared cache, and rebuilt database on PS5 before recording.

First Vid is achieving 65 hits before landing for first refill. Then getting score of 100+ You can tell it is the first landing because the hits and ammo are the same after landing.

2nd Vid is achieving 66 hits then going onto 94 hits before the run ended.

No trophy has popped. I have synced with psn.