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The sorry state of Neogeo ports on Steam

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2022 10:27 am
by SeeNoWeevil
The Code Mystics ports are awesome but there's only a handful of them. The rest, by other developers are lousy with poor emulation. This is really depressing for someone who is happy to pay for these ports (I would buy almost every neogeo game if they were on Steam with high quality emulation).

I'm aware of the Hamster ports but for some reason, they're not on Steam, only the Windows store. I would personally love to see something similar to what Capcom are doing with their Arcade Stadium but for SNK games, done by Code Mystics. I know it's not really your call but if you ever have the opportunity to pitch something like this, I'd love to see it. Not everything needs rollback online play (it would be nice), I just want quality ports available on Steam, preferably all in a single launcher with games you could pick and choose as DLC.

Thanks for listening!