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I recently managed to get the core from the AtGames consoles/cabinets running under a QEMU armhf virtual machine under RetroArch, but there are a number of ambiguities regarding libretro capabilities due to the lack of a normal core info file- if you're allowed to give me any help or hints regarding this, that would be greatly appreciated. In specific, here's what would be helpful to know:
- What capabilities does the core support via libretro, such as high score saving?
- I already know from testing that the core supports savestates; however, what type of savestates does the core support (ie, fully deterministic, or limited)
- If the core does support some form of saving, what permissions does it require to do so?
There are also other bugs, mainly a crash caused in recent versions on attempted launch when cheats are enabled on compile, but those are bugs on RA's end and not actually a problem with the core itself, so I won't get into it here.

Screenshot of the core running under RA:
Screenshot 2023-10-19 163334.png
Screenshot 2023-10-19 163334.png (161.61 KiB) Viewed 2313 times
EDIT: I managed to get it running a lot better by making a wrapper core, but I still can't tell what scale to target this at without wonky non-integer pixel issues

EDIT 2: A base resolution target of 428x320 leaves the actual play area at the intended size of 240x320, although preferably there would be a way to disable the letterboxing and just use 240x320 period. Hmmmm....
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We're quite proud of our work on Fix It Felix Jr. and its part in the Wreck It Ralph promotional campaign, and flattered by your enthusiasm, but as you no doubt understand, we're not in a position to speak to these things. That said, we understand people have also extracted the code from the "genuine" FIF cabinets back during the original campaign. It's completely unrelated to the AtGames release, but is another way to experience the game, if you have access.
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