Garou Question

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Garou Question

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I've been going through old SNK titles on GOG trying to get the achievements and I have to say, just playing Garou is maddeningly difficult. I thought The Last Blade was punishing but yeesh. Old fighting games, right?

Anyway, the question I have is about the specifics for being able to unlock the "Beat the final boss Kain and clear story mode with [character]" achievements. I've scoured the internet and have come up with so many conflicting reports just on how to get to Kain in the first place, mostly for versions other than the GOG version I have.

So far, my understanding is that I need to get a minimum rating of AAA on every round just to be able to face Kain at all. But I am not clear on whether or not I am allowed to lose any rounds nor on whether or not I am allowed to lose matches and continue. Nor even on if I can utilize the continue "services" at all. Now that I think about it, I have no real feeling for how the ratings are determined in the first place. Sometimes I'll barely scrape by but get a AAA and other times I'll destroy the CPU only to get a AA.

Also, specifically for achievements on the GOG version, is there any requirement for the game settings to be a certain way? My suspicion is yes because I tried it on difficulty 1 and at least was able to get to and defeat Kain but it didn't pop in Galaxy even though the in-game achievements menu showed it as complete.

So would someone here be so kind as to lay out precisely what is required?
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