Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle & AoF2?

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Kizuna Encounter: Super Tag Battle & AoF2?

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I was just playing this game
i can't believe how much fun it is. Sure would be cool if it came to PsVita with online play and even Steam and Switch.
Kizuna Encounter SUPER TAG BATTLE!

This is a gem that does tag right.. much better than kof games.

and when are we going to see Art of Fighting 2? How about a remake like what capcom did on street fighter ii.. and ducktales.. where they got all their sprites redrawn for higher resolution and animation. that is my favorite neo game.

i love how you can't spam specials in it, you have to open yourself up by needing to charge them up manually by holding all the buttons down.. not passively like most games these days. i love that mechanic. feels very dragonball-ish. It's all about choices.

or being able to being able kick off the wall by hitting the C button. or snuffing out a fireball by actually punching it. or when you're jumping through the air and come in with an air-kick or air-punch and when it hits the opponent's fist, because they are trying to punch you out of the air, you both collide and your fist/kick pushes off of their's and you bounce back into a backflip.. taking no damage

this game had some real innovation that i wish got expressed today in today's fighters.

same goes for Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle. I love how you actually can see your tag partner in the background and need to be near them in order to tag them in.. Making me feel like i'm playing a hybrid fighting and wrestling game.. because in wrestling on tv, you can't tag your partner from anywhere. you have to be in your corner. so this game is like that, where you have to be in your area to get help.

and you can see your partner resting in the background as they regain health over time. This is how Kof games should have played. and i love its combo system. this is far better than kof. so tired of kof games. over-milked series.
Kizuna Encounter is worth remastering and even remaking and making sequels to. Wish i could play this online with folks

Another game i wish to see is "Street Hoop". Think NBA JAM, just on Neogeo! Would be awesome to play that online as well.
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