The Last Blade 2 (Steam version)

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The Last Blade 2 (Steam version)

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Firstly, thank you for the great Steam port of The Last Blade 2!

I would like to submit a bug report/feature request.

Right now you render the game at 320x224 which the Neo Geo originally ouputted at, however, games were expected to only display at 304x224 (8 pixels less on either side) due to overscan on the original CRT screens used back in the day. Because you render at 320x224 instead of 304x224 visual problems occur such as Akari's death animation where there is a gap between her sprite and the edge of the screen. Many emulators that support Neo Geo such as MAME and Kawaks either output at the expected 304x224 or gave the option to do so. Please see the screenshot here with Akari to the right and the gap between her sprite and the edge of the screen:

Additionally, 'The Last Blade' on Steam, ported my DotEmu also renders at the correct 304x224.

Is it possible for you to render it at the expected 304x224 instead of 320x224 or at least give the option to switch between the two?

Hopefully this is not a huge undertaking and you can put this in the next patch for the game. Thank you so much!
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