Phantom Dust: on mods

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Phantom Dust: on mods

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extimated CodeMystics,

we appreciate and admire your work and effort to port and remaster videogames. One that I know well and is Phantom Dust. One of the most brilliant and unique videogames ever released, and so appreciated for this, which is demonstrated by the community of PD gamers which diary contributes in posting videos, commenting, makes tutorials, creating events such as tournments, and even making donations, as well as arising knowledge of the game into videogamers. Everyday they put lot of effort and time to keep alive this game. One thing that's no new for you, which is Passion.
I'm not talking shit, there a forum webpage that's alive from 2004 when the game first came out, and now a facebook page, and youtube channel.
I therefor ask you a help, to achieve the possibility to have mods for this game, that would add content and maybe solve some issues in balance of game, and as a plus rise the popularity of the game by letting modders come in, and will let the game live longer, maybe like SW JediAcademy with movie battles mod. Would you have tools and knowledge to share for letting this become solid true and not only a fool's hope? Any advice is appreciated

Thank you for your time
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