Phantom Dust Mods By BlasianBlazy (BBMODS )

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Phantom Dust Mods By BlasianBlazy (BBMODS )

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this is my 1st time creating a topic btw}

I created a poll in the Facebook Phantom dust Revive group to see if the phantom dust community would like to see mods of the game and everyone supports this idea of mine. So far my modding includes.../
  • Character Replacement for All Quest Inside The Campaign Mode
    stage FX
    Skill animation (W.I.P)
    Programable A.I.
    Quests Partner Deck editing
    Adding Jump function to CartWheelers & Monsters (W.i.P)
    Lab Arsenal Edit mode in Online Lobby (W.I.P)
    4-School & 5-School Arsenals Unlocked
    & much more
I'll Be posting Mods Of Phantom Dust on Discord, Twitch, YouTube, & now here on CodeMystics Forum
everything we would like to see updated or included in this game is what I've taken upon myself to do.
with the work of my mods & the phantom dust community playing this game daily ... I'm sure that this game will last decades


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Re: Phantom Dust Mods By BlasianBlazy (BBMODS )

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