The King of Fighters 2002 UM - true widescreen

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The King of Fighters 2002 UM - true widescreen

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Good morning, developers and programmers from Code Mystics.
My name is Rafael Luna. I am a university student in digital game development, and I would like to know if you could solve a small graphic problem in the KoF 2002 UM, which you brought from PS2 to Steam.
In the transition from NeoGeo Battle Coliseum PS2 to XBLA, the 4: 3 to 16: 9 issue has been resolved.
In the transition from KoF 2002 UM PS2 to XBLA, bars were added to fill in, with the characters Nameless, on the left and K ', on the right, as you can see in the attachments to this email.
I would like to ask you, please, to check the possibility of solving this problem, as it has been more than 5 years since I asked SNK Playmore for this, they promise to solve it and never solve it.
As I know that you have already solved countless problems with this KoF, I believe that this, despite a great challenge, is not impossible.
It also seems that the characters Kasumi and Hinako usually do a lot of damage to the characters, but I'm not sure if it needs balancing.
If necessary a programmer, in possession of the code, I am a student, but I can start something that they have no time to do.
I kindly ask you to pay attention to this and a future port for Android and IOS, as KoF 2002 UM is one of the best KoF ever released to date and still has championships, just like the KoF 98 UM.
Having the option to use the widescreen truly would be fantastic, without having to stretch the sprites and scenarios, as you can see in the pictures of the NeoGeo Battle Coliseum of XBLA.
I truly appreciate all your opportunity and attention.
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Re: The King of Fighters 2002 UM - true widescreen

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SNK does not wish to alter the games in this fashion. For widescreen support you will need to turn to their more modern iterations of KOF.

For the historical games such as KOF2002UM, there is a "stretch" option that eliminates the bars.
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