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Adding Random Guard/1 Guard Jump to KoF98UMFE?

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 5:34 am
by Borscht_Justice
Would it be possible to add "Random Guard"/"1 Guard Jump" settings for training dummy's guard in KoF98UMFE on Steam (like in KoF02UM)? These are small settings, but they are incredibly useful tools for training purposes (such as hit-confirming and checking frame traps/frame advantage).
For some reason, they are absent in 98UM but present in 02UM, which is a little strange since the games' menus/GUI look very similar. These settings work beautifully for training in 02UM, but alas it's hard to apply this training to 98UMFE since it's a very different game with different speed, characters, moves, etc.