Killer Instinct Classic

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Killer Instinct Classic

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Hello my name is Josh,

I've been playing Killer Instinct 1/2 since the day they came out in arcades. Maxing out combos and finding every glitch in the game. I'm a very seasoned player.

I've found several glitches/bugs in the Xbox one port. Both ki1/2 classic. Is ki1/2 something that will get future updates? I can list the bugs I've found if there is any interest in correcting them.

Rank 8 in the world with TJ Combo ki1 classic.

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Re: Killer Instinct Classic

Post by CodeMystics »

Please do feel free to report any issues you see. Though, do note it's an emulation, so we're not able to alter the original code. There may be some difference in load timing, for example, since the file serving will be faster on the Xbox One than the original arcade machine but otherwise gameplay should match.

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