[Wishlist] Samurai Shodown V Special Uncensored (PS4 Port)

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[Wishlist] Samurai Shodown V Special Uncensored (PS4 Port)

Post by Hated215 »

Playing The Last Blade 2 PS4 port, which is a great port btw.. It just needs some slowdown issues ironed out..
I can't help but feel that a PS4 port of SSVS could now be a reality. Since SNK has new owners who want to license / port the MVS library.
This particular title was held tight due to it being the last official neo geo game.
The only home port of SSVS was on neo geo AES systems and was censored and buggy due to the censoring.
The Samurai Shodown Anthology even had it left off..

Porting this game to the PS4 in it's uncensored form would be truly exclusive and monumental to it's fanbase.
It's a great fighting game in general. It's purely strategic with lot's of footsies and poke games.
Under the right circumstances, one slash could deal death..

Check this article out:

http://shoryuken.com/2014/02/25/deep-cu ... er-played/

Try to make this a reality if you can.. Put it on your top list of future ports.

If you do get the rights to do it..
Ask about Samurai Showdown V Special: Final Edition
It was only location tested but they still might have it in their assets.
You could do like an Edition / Rom select option.
You'll need at least two roms anyway since the Uncensored rom doesn't have a Training Mode.. Or some type of hybrid rom.
I'm not sure if your using direct dumped MVS roms or files similar to the neo geo ps3 games.

Samurai Shodown V Special Uncensored with netplay, Final Edition and Training Mode..
I'd pay more than $15 for that, but I'll leave the pricing in your hands ;)

Thanks for just reading this and for your awesome PS4 ports

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Re: [Wishlist] Samurai Shodown V Special Uncensored (PS4 Port)

Post by Brash »

SS V is the worst in the series. I would rather have Samurai Shodown iv or 6.

Better yet, Code Mystics could just take Samurai Shodown Anthology and give it online play and a chatroom.. and then let the Host choose which samurai shodown he wants to play, with the option of a random select to randomly select between SS1-SS6.

and the non-hosting players can choose to search for a specific game being hosted in the series, with the option of "Any", like Capcom has in their new fighting games.
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Re: [Wishlist] Samurai Shodown V Special Uncensored (PS4 Port)

Post by Hated215 »


...and it happening! Thanks Code Mystics and SNK!

http://nichegamer.com/2017/07/13/samura ... f-neo-geo/

Now only if you did some physical copies with limited run...
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