Atari Vault - Emulation

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Atari Vault - Emulation

Post by francoisadt »

Hi Code Mystics

Is Atari vault and the technolgy that drives it "Emulation" or not?

Does it runs the original program code within an emulator, similar concept like MAME does or Stellar does - running original ROM but emulate the original hardware?

Some concepts as per my understanding:
- Emulation: a program which recreates the mechanism of the hardware of the original platform.
- Remake/Simulation: a program written fresh with no original code but attempts to re-create the experience of the original.
- Recreation: a program written for a new platform with the original code.
- Port: a licenced product which is either a Remake or a Recreation.

Emulation: MAME, Stella, PCAE, VICE
Remake/Simulation: Jet Set Willy PC, MADrigal's Simulators
Recreation: Final Fantasy VII on Android/iOS, Grand Theft Auto on Android/iOS

I don't know if Atari Vault is emulation, remake/simulation, recreation or even a port, please assist.

The reason i am asking is, with TwinGalaxies, formal video game arcade world record holder site, do have different tracks for different platforms and emulators. So to track these correctly in comparosn with orignal hardware vs emulation vs platform spesific implementation, I need to know this.

Thanks for your assistance.

Francois du Toit

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Re: Atari Vault - Emulation

Post by CodeMystics »

The short answer is: yes, it's emulation.

The longer answer is that our team is the same team that created the emulation for Digital Eclipse in 1994 of Williams Arcade Classics. It was the first commercially available arcade emulation and predates MAME by about a year. The Sparcade emulator took its inspiration from Williams Arcade Classics and MAME took its inspiration from Sparcade. So one could say that MAME is like us not the other way around. :)

We've been done many emulation packages over the decades since (including an unreleased Atari 2600 emulator prototype for DOS in 1993 that could run full speed on a 16MHz 286 but alas Activision wanted a Windows-based emulator for their Atari 2600 Action Pack from 1995).

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