KoF XIII and CvS2 Requests

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KoF XIII and CvS2 Requests

Post by nikodemo144 »

kudos on your amazing work with SamSho 5S! it works great, the netcode is brilliant, and i can even run it on Linux under Wine! so thank you!

given that, i needed to make an account to both sing your praises and request more! :D

KoF XIII: this game is beautiful, both in art and play. it's a real treasure that is forever handicapped by bad netcode. if you can do anything to help fix that and get GGPO/rollback netcode into that game, that would change the legacy of this gem forever.

Capcom vs. SNK 2: this game is STILL incredibly beloved and played, with so much legendary historical weight behind it. but the only way to really play it these days is either on legacy hardware (becoming harder to come by) or on emulator. :/ we could really use this game on Steam and modern consoles and, again, with the great netcode you've shown you can do.

for fighting games to really survive the test of time these days it's imperative to have good netcode.

i hope you can help us, Code Mystics! :D thanks for all you're doing for the fighting game community!

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Re: KoF XIII and CvS2 Requests

Post by CodeMystics »

We'd love to but the decision is up to SNK. If you can convince them, we're game. :)

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