Start button remapping in SSVS on PS4

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Start button remapping in SSVS on PS4

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Hey there.

So I own a Madcatz TE2 fightstick for my PS4, and I was looking forward to playing SSVS with it but unfortunately not being able to remap the game's Start button is preventing me from doing so. Since the TE2 sticks did not feature a touchpad, I have no way of inputting the game's Start command. That means no taunts or suicides for me, which takes away strategic options during online play.

On my Vita there's no issue because Select is mapped to the in-game Start button.

Would you consider adding the Start button to the control options as re-mappable? I have no use for a shoulder button acting as A+B while playing on an arcade stick, so I could easily just map that extra button to Start.

There are a lot of people who own TE2's out there, so hopefully you'll consider making this change in a patch. Thanks!

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Re: Start button remapping in SSVS on PS4

Post by CodeMystics »

It is already remappable. It's just called "Provocation" in the Control Options.

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