iOS 11 / 64-bit support

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iOS 11 / 64-bit support

Post by Kabeyun »

Before I pour one out for my homies and start crying like a pathetic 40-something, are there any plans to produce iOS-11-compliant versions of Midway Arcade and the Activision Anthology? FYI, my firstborn child is up for sale.

Don't know if Support or Feedback/Requests is the right place for this post. Fit both so i chose this one.

Thank you for you pixelated love. Back to prayer...

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Re: iOS 11 / 64-bit support

Post by CodeMystics »

We wish we had better news, but as noted on our page for Lost Treasures of Infocom:
As has been publicised, iOS 11 will be discontinuing support for 32-bit apps, of which Lost Treasures of Infocom is one. Though we too would love to see this game live on as a 64-bit iOS 11 app, unfortunately, updating the app is not up to us. It was created under contract for Activision. As publisher, they are the only ones who can issue updates.

As it stands, we have not been approached to assist them in this, and we have received no response to our inquiries. Though we cannot confirm this first hand, other fans have reported that Activision Support classifies Lost Treasures of Infocom as a discontinued product.

We share your disappointment. We're quite proud of Lost Treasures of Infocom and will be sad to see it go (but we're keeping it installed on our iPod 5 for posterity!).
The same applies to Activision Anthology.

We can't speak for Midway Arcade, as we didn't do that one.

In better news, Atari's Greatest Hits is 64-bit compliant.

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