Issues with phantom dust

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Issues with phantom dust

Post by tinmac »

I would like some help understanding or knowing when these issues will be resolved. Please and thank you
1. The lag. I know not everyone has good connections but, this happens with most of the matches I am in. The lag is random and in spurts. Can it really be just the players, or is it just whoever hosts the match?
2. The attack delay. Even there is no lag some attacks pass right through the other player and don't do damage or take a few seconds for the effect to happen. There have been multiple times when I have attacked and it went right through the player and nothing happened or it took a few seconds to register. Same goes for defenses as well.
3. The environmental skill necronomicon doesn't work. The skill clearly says eliminates all bonuses, restrictions, and penalties to any skill, but when I use skills that take away heal or can't be used till you reach a certain aura level those restrictions or penalties still take effect. Either the description of the skill needed to be changed or it needs to be fixed.

Again thank you and hope to hear back soon.

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Re: Issues with phantom dust

Post by CodeMystics »

You appear to be describing a poor network connection. The ping that displays in the lobby (in version 1.1) should be indicative of the quality of game you should expect. What numbers are you seeing?

Regarding the third issue, the environmental skill description from the original game appears to be mistaken.

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