KOF 2002 (Steam) Some music not working

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KOF 2002 (Steam) Some music not working

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Hi guys - having a strange issue with music in KOF 2002 on Steam.

I have KOF 98 and 2002 installed on G:\Games Stuff\GAMES\ (USB3 external drive).

KOF 98 has no issues, but oddly 2002 is sporadic with which music plays. I hear effects and when going into sound test the only tracks that give sound are:
  • - Save the Universe
    - Testament of Nests
    - Cutting Edge
    - Asian Triple Alliance
    - Desert Requiem ~Operation 2UM~
    - R-Bite
    - Return Match
    - Spider String
    - Last Feast

So quite a lot of the time fights have no BGM. For some reason, people on steam communities were suggesting checking the redistrubutables and performing a repair. Did that, still no joy.

Any ideas?

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Re: KOF 2002 (Steam) Some music not working

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There is some restriction to playing music over network drives. It is possible your system is identifying the drive as a network drive even though it is a local USB drive. We don't know why that would be intermittent, though.

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