Provide your Garou desync reports here

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Provide your Garou desync reports here

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We've seen reports in Twitter of desyncs in Garou but have not received any specifics. In order to better understand the problem, we need to get some idea of what was involved in replicating it. For those who experience the problem, we'd appreciate it if you could answer some questions:

1. Do you see this on PS4-vs.-PS4, Vita-vs.-Vita, PS4-vs.-Vita, or all of the above?

2. How was the game session created? Matchmaking, invite, or play-together? Did it matter?

3. What were your chosen hosting options? Were any of them not default?

4. What were your local Game Options and that of your opponent? (Were any not default?)

5. Does the problem happen only if you use the "play while I wait" option?

6. Does the problem happen only if you play a local game before going into the online match (i.e. including both "Normal Mode" and "play while I wait")?

7. Does the problem occur with specific characters only?

8. What is the nature of the desync? Positions drift during fight, or is there something fundamental going wrong like, e.g., you're not playing the same character, not have the same TOP setting, or the same initial time on the clock?

9. Does the problem occur with the first online match or only after rematches and/or only on the second or later session?

10. Was random character selection involved?
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