Joystick Control for Atari Web Games – Version 1.0

2009 Code Mystics, Inc.


This program enables users of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 to control the web-based Atari Arcade games (at with a Windows-compatible joystick or game controller.

Simply run the program to add the Joystick Control to your taskbar. The program works by converting joystick motion and the fire button to the arrow key and space bar key presses recognised by the Atari Arcade web games.


Options are accessible by right-clicking the Joystick icon on your task bar.

In its initial setting, the Joystick Control will only operate when focus is on an Atari game window. By selecting Enabled Always, you may change this so that it operates with all windows. Or, you may disable it by selecting Disabled.

By default, the Joystick Control will load each time you boot Windows. To change this, right click and uncheck the Load on Start Up menu item.

If you have multiple controllers attached to your computer, you can select which controller to use by right-clicking and selecting the desired controller under Joystick Selection.


Problem Solution
Game does not respond to joystick
  1. Try setting the Enabled Always option.
  2. Confirm that the correct controller is set under Joystick Selection.
  3. Test joystick under Game Controllers' in Control Panel.
  4. Re-install as Administrator.
Icon does not load at power-up Log in as Administrator, turn off Load on Start Up if it is on, then turn on Load on Start Up again.
Enabled options are greyed out No compatible joysticks have been detected. Check Game Controllers in your Windows' Control Panel and ensure the controller is properly installed.


Disclaimer: this program is provided as-is and without warranty.